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Make changes with a right software partner!

Make changes with a right software partner!Software development can increase your company’s efficiency, convert more leads and improve customer experience but if you want to succeed you need to find a software development firm that has high-level technical skills, industry insight and experienced and organised development team. Here you can find a reliable business partner who will provide you with a dedicated and competent team of software engineers and business analysts. We offer custom software solutions that make a difference.

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What is custom software?

Our firm specialises in custom mobile development providing businesses with efficient and productive applications for their desktop and mobile devices. Custom software, also known as bespoke, is a tailor-made program writing that is adjusted to customer’s business needs, goals, and objectives. Bespoke applications are designed and developed meeting customer’s preferences. Unlike off-the-shelf software, custom one has only required functionality adjusted to company working processes, completely belong to you, and can be updated when you need it, so it is perfect to optimise company work, improve efficiency and increase profit.

Mobile and Internet Strategy
Our expertise and industry insight enable us to go far than code writing. We always strive to share our knowledge with our customers and add valuable input to our joint projects. As you get in touch with us, we will be happy to offer you our consultancy and answer any of your questions about custom software and how it can help to move your business to the next level. Our business analysts conduct meticulous market research studying your target audience and competitors to lay out a proper strategy whether you would like to enter the mobile market or create a measurable online presence.
UI/UX design
Whether it is a web or mobile software, its design is one of the critical criteria for program users. First of all, design mirrors your business identity and help you increase your brand awareness. Secondly, design depends on application goals and can support its functionality. For instance, if you need a working app for internal usage, we will make a simple and clear design that helps to focus on work, while app aimed at retaining customers should have a design with interactive elements that help to engage users. Our designers usually create several design layouts with intuitive navigation, so our customers can pick the one that appeals them more. We also welcome you and your PR team to participate in design creation to ensure that it reflects your business correctly.
Software Development
As one of the leading software development firm in the UK, we demonstrate our professionalism in flexible, iterative, and responsive development. Our firm uses agile methods which allow us to deliver high-quality products and at the same quickly go to market. We start with the identification of core features, and according to them, our team builds an MVP which present a working program available for usage. Step by step developers implement new features and make improvements according to your feedback. We quickly respond to your requests and adjust your software to your preferences and needs.
QA testing
QA analysis starts at the very first stage of the development process. Our development firm pays special attention to meeting quality standards. As we start our collaboration, we analyse your project from many aspects including what challenges development team may face during the process. After a thorough analysis, we look for the way to solve potential difficulties and eliminate serious bags. Throughout the process of software creation, we test app’s performance, stress resistance, security, loadability, usability and other characteristics ensuring that your product will be an effective, functional, and secure.
Maintenance and support
Our firm will be happy to provide you with technical support and maintenance services even after your software launch. You ever-growing business requires evolving software solution as well to meet your growing demands. Whether you need additional features implementations, system updates or just expert advice, our team is here to help you and solve your technical problems.
Unique Mobile Application Creation
Native or cross-platform
Advanced Web Apps
Web Portals
Bespoke Database
Our Services

One of our branches is focused on providing businesses with mobile solutions for all major platforms. With over 100 successful projects delivered to our customers, our mobile developers can boast that they have mastered mobile app development of any complexity from engaging B2C apps to highly-functioning enterprise-grade mobile tools for business processes automation and acceleration. Whether you need an Android app for the mass audience or iOS program that ensures security and stability of your mission-critical data, or even a cross-platform solution, our team will deliver an outstanding application with excellent performance that meets all your business goals.

If you want to create a mobile app that reaches your target audience and provide native user experience and excellent performance, native iOS, Android or Windows app development will be a preferable option for you. As professional developers and software engineers, we recommend you the creation of application with better performance, feel and look, that can benefit from devices’ and platforms’ capabilities. But if your priority is to reach all possible users in shorter timeframes and with smaller development costs, our development firm can offer your cross-platform development with PhoneGap and Xamarin technologies making your app as close to native as possible. Of course, bugs are inevitable as there is no one-fit-all solution for several operating systems as they are too different.

Our web development team has mastered both server- and client-side scripting equally well and can provide our customers with the most suitable solutions based on their business needs and goals. Utilising front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript we create an excellent user experience with sleek animation and elegant visual interactive elements. The knowledge of PHP, .NET, Java, Python and other back-end technologies let us implement rich and robust functionality empowering your web solution to perform different tasks. Our team builds web solutions with high level of personalization and usability. Our competence in cloud technologies let us provide highly scalable solutions for a fast-growing number of users.

One of the most common web tools we deliver to businesses is a web portal. For higher efficiency, our software engineers ensure flexible architecture which allows changes implementation without prejudice to its performance. Whether it is

  • A B2C customer portal that helps to establish long-term relationships with customers improving their experience;
  • A Vendor portal for collaborative work and real-time information exchange with your vendors that allows reducing operating costs;
  • A Learning portal that makes knowledge more accessible and improves educational organisation;
Or any other portal, our web designers will ensure mobile-friendly, adaptive, intuitive and engaging design with functionality that caters all your needs and secure data storage.

We are experts in building bespoke database customised to the way you and your employees run the business. Beside safe data migration from you spreadsheets, we can integrate functionality that will help to automate processes related to your database. A tailor-made base perfectly fits your business processes, reduce the number of mistakes, can provide automated reporting and sampling and can be easily integrated with multiple systems.

As a top UK development firm, we provide a full range of development services embracing all the needs of our customers when it comes to the creation of mobile and web software solutions. Our team of more than 100 people includes IT and business experts whose Knowledge and experience let us easily deal with software systems development, deployment, and analysis.

“We were looking for a mobile solution to enhance companies work with advanced technologies and deliver superior quality to our customers. This company helped to turn our vision into a reality. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional and talented team of developers. And we are happy with the results as we got cutting-edge, streamlined mobile app.”

Bert Alford. Executive Director of SECA

“This company has approved their name of a top custom software development firm with their excellent job. They productively collaborated with my team from the stage of the project inception to its completion and launch. I would like to emphasise their professionalism. The work was done in a timely manner and with an impressing level of expertise around helping us on design aspects and adding valuable input in matters of functionality".

Colin Bagshaw. General Manager of A&H Construction

"I am extremely happy with the company work. They have designed for me two tablet apps for iOS and Android platforms. I can mention that they were responsive to my requests and needs, were easy to partner with and delivered on budget and time. The apps got numerous positive response from the staff who admitted that apps have really user-friendly interface and streamline routine operations within the company."

Philip Galt. Director of WESSEX GROUP

Do you need custom app development?

If you found an off-the-shelf application that fits your business needs, then custom app development will be unnecessary costs for you. But if your business needs additional functionality and you decide to integrate it into your off-the-shelf and thereby adjust it to your needs, then you face a number of problems and additional expenses. You should remember that the program you use doesn’t belong to you.The implementation of new features means that you influence its architecture and in some cases it can badly reflect on the program performance. Software architecture also can have limitations and not allow to integrate some features at all. Furthermore, an off-the-shelf program is maintained and updated by the service provider who regularly improves bugs.
When you make changes in such program, you have to hire a whole department of in-house developers who will help you to maintain your adjustments and integrated features because every update will remove your them. Leaving the program without updates can make it vulnerable, slow, and insecure. In this case, custom development becomes a necessity that helps your business to function more efficiently and grow. Our firm provides not only coding skills but also business-driven solutions. We know how to connect your employees, partners, customers, and suppliers to improve your relationships and gather measurable results. Our team can help you to make smarter decisions with data analysing and reporting dashboards.