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iPhone App development service

The iPhone application market offers new opportunities and features for cell phones and handheld devices. We focus on providing unique solutions for these devices with high-tech solutions, developing innovative and powerful applications for iPhone / iPad. We are proud of the team of experienced and skilled iPhone builders who have proven experience in ultramodern iPhone / iPad software development. Professional management Before the best practices of logical methods and methods to help customers create products to meet the growing needs of users.

Application class

There are many different types of applications that can be developed. Apple ranks applications in food, sports, lifestyle, etc., and divides them into different types of architectures. The type of software you want to develop can be changed based on the volume of content and the number of times you want to have the whole process.

It is important to understand that if you know the type to be developed, you can create the application quickly and economically.

Basic table function

Think of it as a hierarchy: Open the screen with the theme you clicked on, and now there are some new clicked lists. The email on the iPhone is a good example of this. This is definitely a good option to create the simplest program and a company that wants to display "simple" programs for essential information. You can use the excellent iPhone designer to create basic desktop applications.

Database Customization

It is not a separate block, but it is the best way to creatively describe the content of the analysis. Suppose you have the full load of the content you want to use. This example will have hundreds of dog breeds and should be organized and displayed in different ways. It can go beyond the basic table format for the application to work. Your development becomes more challenging and begins to understand whether you want the data to be "native" (embedded) or "dynamic" (embedded in the Web service).

Hardware Modification

This means that developers take these or that features of the phone, such as alarm signals, cameras or flash memory, and do better. One of the best examples is Camera +, which adds filters to any image and photo shop in lightbox.

Dynamic Application

Similar to the database driver, these applications depend only on external information - Twitter, Flipboard, Weather Channel. Adjust the user utility to allow the user to enter content in a unique way. Like Adobe Ideas, Pages and Numbers.

iPhone application development process
Function Arrangement
Control phase

The process of developing iPhone applications can be divided into four parts - thinking, scheduling and planning, design and publishing.

It is a step in the software that will happen and a step after "I want the application". Look at the application store, there are dozens of instructions to take - simple information, interactive and complex systems.

Simple programs with limited functionality do not do much, but are inexpensive and easy to build. The first step in the development process is finding the best budget point and marketing work. If you need some help finding the right way to achieve this idea, contact our team, we will find the best solution.

If you rely on professional programmers, it's important to explain in detail what you need so they can accurately deliver the content you want.

It is vital to invest a lot of time in the planning phase and will eventually be rewarded.

This step involves crossing each screen and defining how all compounds interact with each other - what should happen if this button is pressed?

Even the simplest program, you will find the number of steps and programs. The amount of function that must be identified and constructed will also play a role in the cost of the product.

Unlike websites where you can often find people who can design and encode directly, the application usually requires a professional staff to complete.

The advantage of this is that the designer can be graphic, print, network, etc. - The result of the programmer is the image to which it is attached.

At this stage, the project is ready to launch and requires detailed testing, which helps to stabilize the software and eliminate errors and minor errors. Also, at this stage, make sure the program is missing auxiliary modules.

Verify that the product meets the final phase of the acceptance criteria. These are the results of these tests and these tests can help you determine if the program is reasonably acceptable.

When working with professional development companies, only after a careful test of the test phase, everyone is convinced that the product is fully functional and ready to be public.

Once you've created the program on XCode, your developer can help you store it in the store (this is iTunes). He needs to install the iTunes Connect account ($ 99 / year) and then fill in all the necessary information - icons, descriptions, fees, etc. This setting is also a one-off, so if you decide to develop another application later, you already have an account that can be rolled over.

As long as you have an app in the store, you can track all reviews - downloads, recipes, and so on through iTunes Connects. There are many ways to increase your bottom line, including in-app ad and the ability to purchase additional options (in-app purchases).

iPhone application development costs

The development of applications for iPhone involves the programming of the process. Through most projects, the development company will integrate the design throughout the project because it is time consuming to organize the image in an application unless you develop all dynamic and XML animation using an online database. It is important to note that these costs may vary depending on the device you are developing. Be sure to ask the developer about the basic iPhone, iPhone4, iPhone5, iPhone6, iPad or above that you will develop. Depending on the type and function, the price can vary from $ 1,000 for simple desktop-based applications, and complex integrated systems can reach thousands of dollars.

Design cost

Your software design will be of great value in your total return on investment and user experience. This design will help you convert viewers into downloadable screenshots that you decide to download and will help you use your products to get more involved.

A well designed design is the easiest way to increase your profit over a two year period. You can use a web designer, but it's best to find a mobile app designer who understands user traffic and space constraints.

The application design is usually packaged in almost the same way as the development - you bought the "suite" of the .png and PSD files to perform all your requirements. It opens all necessary screens and icons. You'll be amazed at how many pieces, only the icons need four different options for a generic program (iPhone and iPad).

The average cost of development

$ 500-10,000 - This will provide a basic level of design, so developers can add the image to the code. In many cases, you will have to develop alternative features to fit the design, such as the speed and size of the iPad.

Total cost of iPhone application

There is no hidden payment with the exception of $ 99 that Apple will charge your costs within a year, and each time the cost of sales is reduced by 30%. All others will be in development, design and IT architecture (server, hosting, etc.). The total cost of the application may vary from all variables above.

You may find all of these companies for you, about $ 1,000, but the quality level will be in doubt. Like anything of the same in online marketing, low cost means that they need to make up and customers feel more difficult. It is better to consider the costs and more on the development strategy that will bring the maximum return on investment.

Hire a professional iPhone developer

IPhone developers will help you plan, wireframe, storyboard and build iPhone apps through every step until it's submitted to the App Store and available to the world. They use Apple's Xcode development environment, the Swift and Objective-C programming language, the API, and the Cocoa Touch user interface to make their software live. They can move Android apps and games to the App Store and optimize games and applications to run on iPhones and iPads.

Our developers and iPhone application designers are experts in prototyping, compiling and testing that attract sensitive software to strategically apply your business or product to the mobile environment.

As experienced professionals in this field, we understand the basics and never fail to learn the latest technology and make your digital dream come true. We are given a completely customized solution for some of your business models.

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