During the last 10 years we’ve managed to create hundreds of applications for our clients. Unfortunately, we can’t put every one of them here, but here some of the projects we’ve made.

Brain Trainer

A vital web application for anyone who’s interested in lowering his anxiety level. Our client, an American entrepreneur, asked us to create an efficient and universal tool that will help users deal with depression and other mental state issues. After a quick research and planning we used some jQuery and HTML magic to build one of the most useful web apps for people who are facing tough times in their lives.

QR Code Generator

The rupture of QR codes happened instantly and unexpectedly for the whole world, but their advantages soon became unquestionable. A quick and all-purpose way of spreading information that only requires camera has become the obsession for one of our clients who decided to create a web application that could customize the QR codes. But oor app development firm went a bit further and added integration with PayPal and social media, tracking of their usage which is paramount for marketers and business owners.

Rugby & Chill

People of Australia are known for their love of rugby, and one local enthusiasts has come to us with an idea of a social network for fans. As a result of four weeks work we presented a mobile app that allows rugby lovers share their opinions on game events live and discuss them. Our team have made it as available as possible by developing applications for iOS, Android, and desktop computers, and also added some features like votes, likes and thorough statistics.

Event App

Probably one of the most ambitious projects we’ve brought to life for today, Event App is a social network for promotion and finding of the events. It was meant to be a messenger with push-notifications, but our marketing unit showed to our client the possibilities of a wider and more functional application. As a result this app has become a major tool for both event-managers and those who don’t know what to do on a Friday night.

Guide Park

Handy application for car owners, Guide Park was a hard quest from one of our partners. The task was to create a hybrid app that would scan the area for the parking lots with free spaces, and available for any iOS or Android device at the same time. After few weeks of hard work on integration of such features as geolocation, navigation, and processing the scattered data, we brought the newborn software to the public eye. Guide Park has become popular among drivers of overpopulated cities where it’s really troubling to find a place where you can leave your car.